Teltlk: Features & Elements (2024)

In this cutting-edge time of web-based entertainment everybody is searching for the most secure stages that give need to the protection and security of the users.But today it is extremely challenging to look for a stage that focus on the security and protection of the users.But the answer for this issue has been distinguished. Here is a recently planned stage “teltlk” that focus on the security and protection of the clients.

What is “Teltlk”?:

              Teltlk is a recently planned virtual entertainment stage gives it’s clients a profoundly safe and confidential network.It is a stage that permits individuals to make close correspondences with their companions and family members with more prominent protection and security.This component of “Teltlk” makes it unique in relation to different stages which gather data from their clients and offer that information to other platforms.”Teltlk” permits it’s clients to speak with one another with practically no problem.Without any gamble of information misfortune clients could speak with one another, could send and get instant messages, photographs, recordings and reports and so on.

Best platform for correspondence:

              “Teltlk” is a best stage for correspondence with companions, family, and family members with no gamble or feeling of dread toward information spillage since an exceptionally private and get stage focus on the protection and security of it’s users.It is likewise a best correspondence stage for business groups by which they could undoubtedly and securely speak with one another and examine any issue looked by them with more prominent security.

Elements of “Teltlk”:


                This recently planned profoundly Secure stage has many elements a couple of which are examined underneath:

Text Informing:

               By utilizing this stage clients could undoubtedly speak with their companions, family, family members and Business partners.Due to its text informing highlight and higher security, clients could courageously examine any matter with one another without the apprehension about information misfortune.

Voice and Video calling:

                “Teltlk” additionally permits its clients to handle any voice call or video call with all his dear individuals including companions, family, family members etc.Its video call highlight additionally helps colleagues to talk about any business issue looked by them more productively than the instant messages or mails.It is very much like sitting together up close and personal.

Records and archives Sharing Element:

                 The clients could share any sort of records and archives by the documents sharing element of “Teletalk”.Any sort of significant report could be handily shared on the spot by utilizing It’s documents and records sharing features.And there isn’t any gamble of information misfortune on “Teltlk” on the grounds that it is the most secure and get virtual entertainment stage in this way, here is no way for anybody to lose his own information.

Start to finish encryption:

                   Any sort of data talked about by the clients is simply between them since every one of the visits, voice calls and video calls are start to finish encrypted.So, nobody other than the record holder could get to that data in any event, when it is as documents or instant messages.

                 The clients could be associated with one another by various ways, for example,

Family of Companions Channels:

                The clients could make any divert in which they could examine any issue or could design any occasion while associated with each other.In these channels they could choose their companions, relatives, family members and whoever they need as an individual from the channel.In this way any issue any matter could be talked about on the whole by associating with every one of the individuals from the channel.

Implosion Channel:

                 The clients could likewise make an implosion channel for the fruition of a particular errand and after the finish of that task the channel obliterates itself.In this way here is no way for any data to get spilled.

               In basic words, “Teltlk” is a thoroughly safe correspondence platform.Any sort of data, any sort of photographs, recordings, documents and reports shared on “Teltlk” are absolutely private, got and start to finish encoded just between the source and the collector.


                 From the above conversation, that’s what we presume “Teltlk” is the most dependable and confidential virtual entertainment stage that furnishes total fulfillment to it’s clients regarding protection and security of their data.Unlike different stages that releases their client’s information, here is no way of any sort of information misfortune on “Teltlk” on the grounds that it is the most secure and get web-based entertainment stage.